Dora Binasis

Theodora (Dora) Binasis is a Clinical Psychologist providing services to children, young people, and adults with a special interest in child and family psychology.



Dora has a demonstrated history of working in private and community mental health settings working with both adults and children. Dora supports people with a range of complex mental health goals including emotion regulation, anxiety, behaviour, tics, with a special interest in Autism, ADHD, and Selective Mutism.

Dora draws from a range of evidence-based therapeutic approaches including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT). Dora is passionate about working with neurodivergent individuals in an affirming manner. She hopes to educate families and the wider community about Neurodivergence not being a disorder but rather a unique way of experiencing one’s world. Dora brings warmth and compassion to therapy, taking a person-centrered approach to each person’s therapeutic journey.​

Dora is offering face to face and Telehealth appointments on Saturdays. To book an appointment call 0493 659 904 or email

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