Multisensory Learning Support
for Dyscalculia in Sydney

Learning Difficulties in Mathematics & Numeracy

What is Dyscalculia?

Dyscalculia is a term referring to a wide range of difficulties with maths, including weaknesses in understanding the meaning of numbers, and difficulty applying mathematical principles to solve problems. Dyscalculia often presents in a similar way in the brain to dyslexia, and they often occur together.

Because mathematics is very abstract, it is easy for students to get stuck where gaps in knowledge occur. Standard instruction may skip over or assume vital skills and concepts have been grasped where that is not so.

Dyscalculia Assessment Sydney
Multisensory Learning Support for Dyscalculia in Sydney

The Multisensory Learning Approach
to Dyscalculia

Using a multisensory learning approach helps students grasp often very abstract concepts in a concrete way. Often in standard instruction concrete material such as counters, rods etc. are abandoned too early, leaving significant gaps in conceptual understanding. We use the MathUSee approach in combination with various other materials and learning aids.

Many people become anxious when they are posed with a mathematical problem. Our aim at Neurosensory is to make mathematics enjoyable so that everyone can make progress.

Multisensory Tutoring for Dyscalculia

At Neurosensory, we offer structured and interactive tutoring sessions for people with dyscalculia. Often standard tuition fails to fill in the gaps or just makes busy-work with endless work-sheets, which is where our diagnostic and targeted approach can make a difference.

We have qualified and experienced tutors who can provide individual and small group instruction. Online instruction is also available.

multisensory tutoring for dyscalculia in Sydney
dyscalculia msl tutor Sydney

Dyscalculia Assessments
for both Adults & Children

Neurosensory employs a recognized battery of psychometric tests appropriate to the age of the person coming in for assessment. Full written assessments are available on request. We can also provide streamlined screening for educational and vocational placement if a full report is not required.

Our screening and assessment may also pick up other issues warranting referral to health professionals including for example paediatricians, psychologists, speech and language pathologists, and occupational therapists.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Orton-Gillingham multisensory approach helps those with: ADD/ADHD (although not a formal learning disorder) Autism/ASD, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Reading remediation (students without a learning disorder), Generalised learning disorders, Maths, and ESL.

NDIS Funding for Dyscalculia

Dycalculia and other specific learning disorders are generally not eligible for NDIS funding unless other conditions such as Autism or Intellectual Delay are present. Unfortunately this leaves many people with it stretched or unable to access affordable remediation. Limited help is available through mainstream educational institutions such as schools and tertiary providers, and the occasional general program may be in place. However, available programs often luck sufficient targeting, flexibility and duration to address the individual needs of people with dyscalculia.

Neurosensory can assist people with their applications for NDIS or other funding.

The Australian Dyslexia Foundation aims to help people who cannot afford necessary remediation for dyslexia and related conditions, including dyscalculia. It is a charity with fully deductible tax and gift status, and while funds for it are presently limited, we will update you when it is in a position to help.

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