Multisensory Learning Support
for ADHD & ADD in Sydney

Learning with ADHD & ADD

What is ADHD?

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) affects someone’s ability to prioritise, process, integrate, organise and recall information when needed. It also affects a person’s ability to notice the passage of time.

Some people may be diagnosed with the hyperactive variant of ADHD, where it is difficult for someone to sit still, avoid fiddling, or rushing off to the nearest distraction. Others may have the inattentive variant of ADHD, which is marked by such behaviours as staring into space, daydreaming, or merely lapsing in focus. This type is frequently missed, and can sometimes be hard to distinguish from mild epileptic seizures. Inattentive ADHD is often missed by parents, teachers and health professionals. There is also a third, mixed type of ADHD, which is marked by people presenting with both hyperactive and inattentive symptoms.

ADHD is commonly treated with stimulant medication which can be very helpful, yet medication does not solve all the issues for affected individuals.

ADHD Assessment Sydney
Multisensory Learning Support for ADHD & ADD in Sydney

The Multisensory Approach to Learning
for ADHD & ADD

Students with ADHD find it difficult to learn in a standard classroom environment. We have found that the multisensory approach helps students with their written expression as the physical manipulation of ideas makes it easier to organize and retain complex material. We have used this approach for high school and tertiary students.

Some tools and conceptual frameworks which we find helpful for students with ADHD include the use of movement, different coloured cards, speaking aloud rather than just reading and writing silently, and breakdown of tasks into smaller chunks.

Our approach is multisensory as we employ movement, touch, sight, hearing and speech to reinforce learning and engage students. We tailor our lessons to account for a student’s attention span and need for rest, and we are ready to move with students and extend their engagement while being sensitive to flagging interest and mood.

Due to their experiences, students with ADHD may feel that they can never succeed and become disengaged or avoid challenges. We are sensitive to their emotional struggles, and seek to make each session a positive experience for them.

Multisensory Tutoring for ADHD & ADD

Many parents of children with ADHD and adults with it look for tutoring to bridge their learning gaps. Some of our students have attended standard tutoring services for a long time without experiencing significant progress. This is where the individual therapeutic approach of Neurosensory can help.

The multisensory approach uses the auditory, visual and kinaesthetic (movement/touch) pathways to maximize learning.

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ADHD Tutoring & Learning Support Sydney
ADHD & ADD assessments for both adults & children in Sydney

ADHD & ADD Assessments
for both Adults & Children

We can provide recognized screening assessments and letters of recommendation to identify people who may have ADHD, and refer them to appropriate health providers for diagnosis and any follow-up clinical treatment. We stress that only medical and psychological professionals can provide a formal diagnosis.

NDIS Funding for ADHD & ADD

Unfortunately, a diagnosis of ADHD alone currently does not satisfy requirements for a successful NDIS application. However, ADHD may be considered as an additional element in formulating NDIS plans for those with a diagnosis such as Autism or Intellectual Delay.

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